Meet the Principal of Hurden Looker School

My name is Tracey Wolff and I am the principal at Hurden Looker School. Before becoming the principal at Hurden Looker school, I was the Principal and Vice Principal at A. P. Morris Early Childhood Center, and the A. P Morris Annex. I was Vice Principal at A. P. Morris Early Childhood Center, Hurden Looker as well as district Vice Principal for the elementary schools. I started my teaching career in Hillside as a third and fourth-grade teacher at Hurden Looker and AP. Morris schools. I am proud to say that I am third generation born and raised in Hillside and am a product of the Hillside School System. I attended A. P. Morris and graduated from Hillside High School. After graduation, I attended Caldwell College and Kean University. I have my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, and a master's degree in Education Administration with a supervisor and principal certification. I also and 30 credits beyond my master's in curriculum development. During my early teaching years, I coached girls' Freshman and JV Basketball teams at the high school.

My Philosophy is:

I believe that all children need a safe, welcoming but challenging learning environment that allows meaningful exploration in all academic areas. Both the school and family need to be involved in the child’s life. Goals need to be set by the school, teachers, students, and parents for success to be achieved. When children feel safe it empowers them to explore their boundaries and the develop skills that are taught.